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DELUXE BAMBOO STEAMER ( 15.2 x 13.5 cm )

Character & warmth in your kitchen!

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Item Description


We are a family run business that began as an Agency back in 1989.  Since 2000, we had the opportunity to take over an importing business called "
"David Emanuel Enterprises" and have been doing this ever since, along side our Agency business. We are now known as Armstrong Agencies t/a Armstrong Imports.


 Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular material for home usage in general, not least because of the environmental factor.  It is a good environmental choice to state the obvious - Bamboo is grass and not a tree-based and as such it is possible harvet bamboo about every 4 years as opposed to most wood types. Bamboo also offers many advantages in terms of being functional as a material: it's compressed nature makes it highly durable, dense and strong and as such, it is more resistant to warping or denting 

Bamboo utensils is an excellent way to go green in your kitchen with its many ecological benefits. Bamboo re-greens depleted lands because of its fast growth rate and the fact that it releases 35 per cent more oxygen than other trees. Bamboo also lowers light intensity and protects against ultra-violet rays. Bamboo absorbs very little moisture and therefore does not shrink or swell. It makes an excellent choice for cutting boards and kitchen utensils. Bamboo is 16 per cent harder than maple but lighter than oak, making it easy to handle. Bamboo has amazing anti-bacterial properties that make it an excellent material for cutting boards and kitchen utensils. Bamboo holds the alternative answer to the massive cutting down of our world's precious rain forests.


Traditionally used in Asian cooking, bamboo steamers provide an easy and healthy alternative to other cooking methods and allow more than one food to be cooked at once. Bamboo steamers are practical and time-saving. They are circular and have a slotted bottom which allows the steam to penetrate the food. Bamboo steamers have a domed lid that stops the steam from escaping.
Bamboo steamers are designed to fit in a wok or large pot. Begin by adding water and herbs to the wok. Place the bamboo steamer on top of the water. There should be enough water to cover the bottom section of the steamer. Parchment paper or lettuce may be placed over the steam slots in the steamer before adding the food to prevent it from sticking to the bamboo. After the water is boiling, place the lid onto the steamer and allow the food to cook for an appropriate amount of time.
Bamboo steamers are designed to produce an evenly-cooked meal by sealing in the natural flavor of the food without the need to add fat. The bamboo seals in the heat to cook the food as it absorbs moisture.

  • Size : 15.2 x 13.5 cm 
  • Price per individual unit


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