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Welcome to the Kitchen Discounts, your online source for quality kitchenware, cookware & utensils. We are committed to offering you a unique and convenient shopping experience with first class products and services.

Our goal is to carry a full product line. Our collection will be steadily increasing and changing to meet your needs. If you find an item that is not listed, please let us know and we will do our utmost to obtain that special item for you.

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The Benefits of Induction Cooktops, and Inductino Cookware

The Benefits of Induction Cooktops, and using Cookware suitable for Induction Cookware:

Although they look fairly similar to a ceramic cooktop, it’s the way they work that’s unique. Each ‘element’ (induction coil) on the cooktop generates a magnetic field that induces heat in steel cookware placed on top of it. In essence the saucepan or pot becomes the element, so the cooktop surface doesn't get as hot as other cooktops.

Because most of the heat and energy are produced in the saucepan itself, the heat response is quicker and more efficient. With more conventional electrical cooking, the heat first has to be transferred from the element, through the ceramic and then to the saucepan and its contents.

On top of the cost of an induction cooktop, you may also have to buy a new set of cookware if your current set isn’t compatible. The base of the cookware must be made of a ferrous metal (a metal that can be magnetised). Cast iron, steel, some enamelled steel and stainless steel pans with an iron base or core are suitable, but you can’t use glass, aluminium, copper or many stainless steel pans. Check the cooktop manufacturer’s recommendations for all pans, particularly enamelled steel, as some aren’t suitable and may explode. The base of the saucepan should be flat, not distorted or dented, or cooking performance will be affected.

Kitchen Discounts has many different Induction Cookware sets available, with pricing ranging from low cost solutions from Arcosteel and Baccarat, to the best in cookware brands such as Jamie Oliver and Swiss Diamond.

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